June 2017 Report

His Majesty issued 9 royal decrees this month. The subjects of these royal decrees can be summarised as follows:


Two laws were issued this month: the first is the Animal Welfare Law which is a brand new piece of legislation, and the second is the Law Regulating Veterinary Professions which replaces the old law on the same subject from 1996. Both of these laws are issued in response to decisions made by Supreme Council of the GCC.

Government Administration

A royal decree established the Agricultural and Fisheries Development Fund as a brand new government entity. The details of the responsibilities of this fund are not public until the full text of the royal decree is published next Sunday.


Public benefit status was granted to two projects: the first is for the fourth phase (first bundle) of the railway project between Haima and Thamrait, and the second is for upgrading the road between Rusail and Nizwa.


A royal decree appointed Abdullah bin Shuwain bin Amer Al-Hosni as the Chairman of the Omani Human Rights Commission, and another one appointed new judges to the Supreme Court.


The last two remaining royal decrees granted and reinstated Omani nationality to a number of individuals.


Currently, there are 4,117 royal decrees available on Qanoon.om, the number of them available in full-text format remains at 1682 – the same as the month of May.