July 2017 Report

His Majesty issued 9 royal decrees this month. The subjects of these royal decrees can be summarised as follows:


Two laws were issued this month: the first is the GCC Trade Mark Law which replaces the old trade mark provisions in the Industrial Property Law, and the second is the Veterinary Products Law, which is a brand new law for Oman, but like the Trade Mark Law, it is a GCC initiative.

International Treaties

Two international law instruments were ratified this month: the first is the Protocol Amending the TRIPS Agreement, and the second is the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation.


Public benefit status was granted to the project to create a protection dam against flooding in Wadi Adai.


A royal decree appointed Saleh bin Salim bin Hamood Al Rahbi as a Secretary-General for the Office of the His Majesty’s Advisor, and another appointed several diplomats.


The last two remaining royal decrees granted Omani nationality to a number of individuals.


Currently, there are 4,125 royal decrees available on Qanoon.om, the number of them available in full-text format increased from 1682 to 2029 in July.