We are pleased to announce the launch of! The objective of our new website is to create an online resource for accessing all Omani legislation easily and quickly. makes available for download all royal decrees issued from the year 1974 onwards in PDF format. Users of the website can browse royal decrees through our annual archives or by searching for a royal decree by name or by number.

We are currently working on creating the text version of all these royal decrees in order to allow the users of the website find royal decrees they are looking for by searching for words mentioned in the body of the text. Some of the royal decrees issued in the year 2015 are already available in full or partial text and we will gradually add the full text for more years as we go.

We plan on publishing ministerial decisions on the website after we finish converting royal decrees from PDF format to text.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve feel free to share your comments below or tweet us at